Folk Alliance International 2015 in Kansas City

What a wild adventure on that FAI spaceship...

Here are a few major highlights  from yours truly at the 2015 Folk Alliance International Conference.

Oh the music... Seeing the unbelievable Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn and having my mind blown, as expected. Being exposed to some inspiring music from old and new friends and discovering or rediscovering their beauteous talent. Oh Susanna, East Pointers, The Slocan Ramblers, Rose Cousins, Laura Cortese, Jordie Lane, Matt The Electrician, Jennah Barry, Jenn Grant, Devon Sproule, and of course playing guitar as sideman fo Miranda Mulholland and Roaring Girl Records with the beautiful cellist Rachel Capon, just to name a few. So much inspiration! I met too many industry folk from around the world and made a lot of unforgettable connections. Hardly slept, hardly ate, drank enough (Four Roses Bourbon only 14.44). Sang songs for Astronauts (including the Canadian legend Chris Hatfield). Had a run in with the law on our 20 hour drive back to Canada, really nice Police Chief and quaint station in Shelbina, Missourri. Didn't eat any bbq. Played my guitar like it was going out of style. So many great hats... including my own. So much love and support for each other.

All in all, there was an extreme and beautiful sense of community at FAI, and as a first timer to the event I am so happy to have been able to share in that energy and excitement.

Looking forward to next year. 




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