A Letter to the settlers of Canada

A Letter to the settlers of Canada: (Written while on my recent Western Canadian music tour after approx. 9000 kms travelled. Jackson Browne’s, “Sky Blue and Black” playing as I write)

As I drive through the Canadian Rockies, travelling this country we call home through the land that fills me with pride and wonderment, the land I will travel through many times again, my heart swells with the thought that I will someday introduce my son to this beauty. I become overwhelmed with emotion as I sit on the edge of a mountain, staring at Bridal Veil Falls. I think about what our country could be, what it could represent to the world. What our current and future governments and what those of us who call Canada home can do.

This land is not ours. We don’t own it. We are here to protect it for the future. We have a responsibility to care for this land and to acknowledge that a rich history existed here long before we claimed it as ours. We need to respect the First Nations, and to honour and care for the land and its resources as they have been doing for thousands of years before we staked our claim - before the Fathers of Confederation, and now Stephen Harper, stifled and tried to squash their history and culture. Our First Nations, the humans that cared for this land, the animals, the water and forests need our support and attention.

Many people in the world outside of Canada need help and support. Many in our own country are living in poverty.  With crisis existing all over, it feels impossible that we could have any impact at all. We can. We can do great things. Let’s stop with this notion that we have to live in fear. Let’s first feel compassion, empathy and grace.

We have the opportunity to change, to be better humans.

I move through this land, from the Pacific Ocean, to the mountains and rivers, through the Prairies and back home, and I cry. It is a thriving landscape, and we could help it thrive. The climate is changing; we obviously need to change as well. I have a new son. He will be raised to know our accomplishments and our mistakes and will hopefully be a part of a generation of new vision for how to exist as humans in this world. Let’s show our children we care about humanity, nature and the world we live in. Not just when we vote but every day.

Be mindful. Find meaning in your actions. We aren’t helpless. We can do more.

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