My First European Tour!


I'm thrilled to announce the dates for my first European Tour with you all!

In November of 2016 I'll be touring Ireland and the United Kingdom with my friend and fellow Canadian songwriter Sarah Macdougall. My album Golden was re-issued in Europe this May and has been receiving some incredible support. It's sometimes hard to believe how much love and appreciation my music is getting from overseas, especially in Spain, Ireland, Italy, UK, the Netherlands. Now I need to come and show my appreciation by connecting and sharing stories and my music. This tour will definitely not be my last in Europe, so tell your friends across the pond that I'm on my way! 


GOLDEN is available in Europe! First European Tour dates to come!


Golden is available across the pond! I'm so excited to be able to share this record with you all!

Now that Golden is in Europe I have to come and play shows for you. My first European tour will be announced this summer and will be focused in the UK and Ireland from November to December. Keep your eyes and ears open for the announcement!

Thank you all for your continued support. Keeps me keeping on!


Golden to be released in Europe May 27!


I'm thrilled to announce that Golden will be released throughout Europe, May 27, with a major focus on Ireland and the UK!!! Did you know I was part Irish?! This can only mean one thing, tour tour tour! Plans are in the works for my first European tour for the fall of 2016. Dates to be announced soon so keep your ears to the ground and tell your friends overseas!


'Half Moon' takes the #2 spot!


What a beautiful way to close out this year with the surprise of having my song 'Half Moon' make the #2 spot on CBC Music: Sonica's Top 50 Songs of 2015!

This year was filled with so many adventures and so much joy, both musically and personally. I'm so proud and grateful to be a part of such an incredible list of so many talented Canadian artists and bands. Thank you to CBC and to so many of you for your continued support. Here's to more adventures to come in 2016.

Check the link on CBC Music's page here.


Thank you western Canada!



Canadian singer-songwriter Ben Kunder recently jumped aboard the Via Rail on September 17th as the feature Artist On Board from Toronto to Vancouver. He then embarked on a two-week Western Canadian tour, with stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina and many others (dates listed below). Ben has had his hands full, literally, since the release of his May debut solo album, Golden, as he recently welcomed a new baby boy into his life. Before he went back out on the road, he spent two nights sharing his music with the Toronto Community. First off: finishing his August residency at The Cameron House. Second, he celebrated his tour with a kick off show at Goorin Bros. hat shop and a live concert shoot. Songs from that show can be found in the Video section of the website or on youtube.

  Ben has written songs that everyone can relate to with his debut outing. Exclaim declared, Kunder's extra special voice, along with gorgeous production, lends the record an almost velvety quality.” While NewCanadianMusic said the album: “features strong and warm vocals, nicely-crafted folk-rock songs, and top-notch production and playing,” and the Toronto Star had this to say about Ben - he’s got the kind of mellow sincerity in his voice to take it beyond generic country-pop.” 

 Recent West Coast Tour Dates

 Sept. 17-21: Toronto-Vancouver: Artists On Board Via Rail

 Sept. 21: Vancouver, BC @ Railway Club 6:30pm

 Sept. 25: Duncan, BC @ Duncan Garage Show Room

 Sept. 26: Kamloops, BC @ The Art We Are

 Sept. 27: Golden, BC @ Rockwater Grill

 Sept. 29: Prince George, BC @ Nancy O's

 Oct. 1: Fernie, BC @ Infinitea

 Oct. 2: Calgary, AB @ Wine Oh's

 Oct. 3: Red Deer, AB @ The Hideout

 Oct. 4: Regina, SK @ The Artful Dodger

 Oct. 5-8: Edmonton-Toronto: Via Rail Artists On Board


A Letter to the settlers of Canada


A Letter to the settlers of Canada: (Written while on my recent Western Canadian music tour after approx. 9000 kms travelled. Jackson Browne’s, “Sky Blue and Black” playing as I write)

As I drive through the Canadian Rockies, travelling this country we call home through the land that fills me with pride and wonderment, the land I will travel through many times again, my heart swells with the thought that I will someday introduce my son to this beauty. I become overwhelmed with emotion as I sit on the edge of a mountain, staring at Bridal Veil Falls. I think about what our country could be, what it could represent to the world. What our current and future governments and what those of us who call Canada home can do.

This land is not ours. We don’t own it. We are here to protect it for the future. We have a responsibility to care for this land and to acknowledge that a rich history existed here long before we claimed it as ours. We need to respect the First Nations, and to honour and care for the land and its resources as they have been doing for thousands of years before we staked our claim - before the Fathers of Confederation, and now Stephen Harper, stifled and tried to squash their history and culture. Our First Nations, the humans that cared for this land, the animals, the water and forests need our support and attention.

Many people in the world outside of Canada need help and support. Many in our own country are living in poverty.  With crisis existing all over, it feels impossible that we could have any impact at all. We can. We can do great things. Let’s stop with this notion that we have to live in fear. Let’s first feel compassion, empathy and grace.

We have the opportunity to change, to be better humans.

I move through this land, from the Pacific Ocean, to the mountains and rivers, through the Prairies and back home, and I cry. It is a thriving landscape, and we could help it thrive. The climate is changing; we obviously need to change as well. I have a new son. He will be raised to know our accomplishments and our mistakes and will hopefully be a part of a generation of new vision for how to exist as humans in this world. Let’s show our children we care about humanity, nature and the world we live in. Not just when we vote but every day.

Be mindful. Find meaning in your actions. We aren’t helpless. We can do more.


Album, tour, baby!


Life is a beautiful and wild adventure. It's been a month and a half since my album Golden was released and a month since I went on the first leg of Canadian tours in support of the record. I couldn't be happier with how the well the album was, and is being received, and am grateful for the support I've been given from the music community and from old and new listeners.

I got home from the first leg of my tour and my partner Jess and I had our new baby, Kai, a week later! I've been on a little hiatus from promoting the record since (for obvious reasons) and am just now getting back into the swing of it all with a fresh, full hearted outlook and a little less sleep then I had before.

Things to look forward to now are...

a residency at one of my favourite hometown spots... I'll be at the Cameron House in Toronto every Monday of August with some beautiful musicians and some very special guests!

In September I'll be heading out to Western Canada for a few weeks to tour and share my new record with BC and Alberta!

You can also expect some new Dad posts and cute pics of my newborn son Kai... because who doesn't love pictures of babies.

More news to come...





First round of tour dates are here!


Ontario and Quebec I'm coming for you/pour vous!! I can't wait to get on the road and share this record with my home province and our beautiful neighbours in la belle province!




It fills me with so much joy and wild, exciting energy to finally announce the release of my new album Golden on May 26, 2015! This beast of a record is very special to me and I'm so happy to finally share it with you all.

I had the opportunity to work with some incredible people on this record and they all had a hand in shaping the energy and tone of the album. Thanks to John Dinsmore, Brian Murphy, Anna Ruddick, Rich Knox, Aaron Goldstein, John Connolly, Jeff (Fedge) Elliot, Maia Davies, Jasmine Bleille, Kirty Scholte, Ben Birchard, Beth Cavanagh and my wife and partner Jessica Leibgott.

Come celebrate the release with me and some truly special guests at the Dakota Tavern on May 27, 7-9pm.

Tour dates are coming soon!




Folk Alliance International 2015 in Kansas City


What a wild adventure on that FAI spaceship...

Here are a few major highlights  from yours truly at the 2015 Folk Alliance International Conference.

Oh the music... Seeing the unbelievable Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn and having my mind blown, as expected. Being exposed to some inspiring music from old and new friends and discovering or rediscovering their beauteous talent. Oh Susanna, East Pointers, The Slocan Ramblers, Rose Cousins, Laura Cortese, Jordie Lane, Matt The Electrician, Jennah Barry, Jenn Grant, Devon Sproule, and of course playing guitar as sideman fo Miranda Mulholland and Roaring Girl Records with the beautiful cellist Rachel Capon, just to name a few. So much inspiration! I met too many industry folk from around the world and made a lot of unforgettable connections. Hardly slept, hardly ate, drank enough (Four Roses Bourbon only 14.44). Sang songs for Astronauts (including the Canadian legend Chris Hatfield). Had a run in with the law on our 20 hour drive back to Canada, really nice Police Chief and quaint station in Shelbina, Missourri. Didn't eat any bbq. Played my guitar like it was going out of style. So many great hats... including my own. So much love and support for each other.

All in all, there was an extreme and beautiful sense of community at FAI, and as a first timer to the event I am so happy to have been able to share in that energy and excitement.

Looking forward to next year. 




To all the beautiful beasts


This year has been a wild and beautiful ride. I tend to not dwell on things that I can't control, like time and other man made devices. But this past period of rising suns and setting skies has been filled with promise and I feel like I haven't stopped moving and haven't stopped setting goals. It was all in preparation for the next adventure and the next endeavour.

This coming period of time, we'll call it 2015, will be filled with gigs, travel, festivals, and the anticipated release of my new album Golden!

I'm thankful for all of the opportunities that have been presented to me this past year and to all of the people in my community that have supported my music and my self. Here's to more music, more light, more positivity and openness! Lets share some joy!

Happy New Year beautiful beasts!




The dates are set and we're ready to move. Celebrating the release of the single across Ontario and the East Coast. Check to see if we're coming to a city near you!




Excited to announce the release of the single off my new album 'Golden'! We're celebrating with a release show at the Dakota Tavern on Saturday, Nov. 29 from 7-9pm.